Royal birth in Sweden

The 23rd of February a princess, perhaps a future queen (we never know what the future holds), was born in Sweden a couple of kilometers from my home, actually at my hospital. If I would have a biological child it would be born there as well.

Well I like the crown princess and I hope her princess will be a delight, I hope she won’t mind being famous… otherwise she will have a difficult life… but we’ll hope for the best. It is a privilage to be born into royalty, but it also contains a lot of “must do:s”, a non free life in many ways. Your job is already decided for you. Insane, but it’s like that since centuries ago… and most like our royals, even I.

Maybe many like the royalty because of all the stories about princes and princesses when we grow up? I have no idea. But there are people against the royals. Ideologically I understand that it is insane that you can inherit a title… but everyone inherits the roots of their bloodline no matter what it is.

But I say blood is irrelevant really. An adopted child is as much a child to the adoptive parents as a biological one. What would happen if a royal could not bear children? Would it be acceptable to adopt? I figure not… would they in secret get egg donor or sperm donor? I wonder…. what would happen if someone DNA-tested such a royal… hmmm… Well I guess it is not as easy for them as for us.

I think it’s good that the crown princess is a bit older as a parent, then she can give the crown to her child when she is a bit older and the child is still somewhat young. We have seen how old some crown prince’s can get before getting the title king (thinking of United Kingdom’s Charles). It cannot be fun to get the title king or queen as a really old women or men. Can it?

So is it insane to inherit a title with privilage? Ideologically it is… but at the same time I don’t mind, maybe I am so used to the royals so it’s comforting to have them around on telly and such? Maybe the king or queen will be elected just as a president? Would be much more fair. Also in Sweden it is not possible to get a nobility title anymore, it’s sad because then we “normal” people cannot get a title if we are not born to the right “bloodline” or if we are not married to the right person. Well, for me titles really don’t mean anything, but I would like if anyone who wanted a title could strive for one. Now they cannot without marriage. In history you could do good and get a title. That is a nice thing, getting a title for doing good for mankind. It could be like a nobel prize? Or what do you think?

Well I hope the best for the girl, but she has all the possibilities for a good life so I think she might be just fine when she grows up. Hopefully she will have a healthy life too. I hope the fame won’t bother her, otherwise it would had been better for her to have been born in an ordinary family home. Okay, hope you will have nice life little princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary, unaware of her coming future.

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