What do you say to people who are fighting for their lives?

What do you say to people who are fighting for their lives? What do you say to to a person who is really sick? Give them encouraging words?

Give the relatives encouraging words? Stay away? I guess there are as many truths, rights and ways as there are people.

Maybe some want people to talk to them, tell them things about what is going on. So that the person could keep their mind in a positive, non negative place. Another might like to talk about afterlife, cures, statistics… etcetera.

I guess there are no rights or wrongs. I wrote a poem to my friends partner about the power of love and hope. My friend is fighting for my friends life. It´s very serious. My friend might not make it, my friend might make it. Only God knows. I am hoping my friend makes it. My friend needs to live.

So what do you say? I said it in a poem, was it right, was it wrong? Was it egoistic? Maybe, maybe not. I am hoping it was just right and what the partner needed. I hope I just forwarded the words of angels, for those that believe in angels.


My friend was dying and decided to live. My friend was in a coma and the figures were bad. The cancer had spread and the operation gave my friend a bad infection. The infection was killing my friend. I wrote the poem whilst my friend was in a coma, nearly dead. My friend survived with really bad odds. You never know the outcome. You got to have hope and that can make such a big difference.

Update 17th November 2016:

Well. This friend lives. I think not loosing hope is the key to a lot of success.

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