Facebook is a goldmine for advirtisement information

Every company that wants to market their products – they just need to get the hands on Facebook’s 800 million users information. Imagine what a nice place to hack for someone who wants this information and wants to make money. So of course Facebook is attacked everyday and I guess that many persons get affected everyday.

So are you aware of what information you are spreading on Facebook? Are you aware of what security settings you have? Are you aware of who gets your information? How many are in your friends friends lists and so on? Are you aware? What have you written about yourself?

In todays DN.se they had an article saying that they are investigating Facebook… well the article did not impress me. DN really did not give any new information to me. They wrote that Facebook uses the updates and so on to get to analyze trends and such. This I already knew. But I think Facebook is not just for analyzing if some music, products and such are interesting or popular. I guess it’s used for government issues to… for public opinion, politics and such. Updates, innocent quotes, likes and such can give a personal profiling of you pretty easily. One can pretty easily find out what type of person you are and what your political opinions are. You might not think so, but in the end just adding 1+2 gives the result in the end, in this case 3. You don’t need to be the smartest in the world to start mapping someone on Facebook and finding out what type of person they are. It’s pretty easy if you are analytical.

So what information are you giving? I just recommend no-one to say nothing on Facebook… this way no-one can find out…. haha… so are you still using Facebook? Not afraid of your present you in the future? Are you sure? You don’t know the future political opinion in your country…. so are you safe? Are you sure?


http://www.dn.se/ekonomi/sa-anvander-facebook-din-information (20110124)

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