Looking trough job ads

Sitting by the computer browsing through ads. There are jobs that seem interesting even for me, but I just don’t feel like applying, since I will not get it anyway. I want to work within another area of expertise. But Swedens jobmarket is difficult for those that want to work in another field. All the years in the wrong area puts its mark over a CV. Even though education is available they to often only see the experience and especially the title of previous jobs. So what is the point? I don’t ever want to work in the area I have worked before. And it seems impossible to even be considered for a job I would actually want. I even think I might be good at it…

Well instead I just don’t want to apply even. Applying to a job you really want… is more difficult than just making a sloppy application to a job you don’t want. Since I am realistic I allready know the outcome for the jobs I really want. With no experience there really is no point in making the application. Sometimes I do… and I am as disappointed everytime.

I don’t like the Swedish jobmarket. I think it’s to difficult. I don’t like employers, they don’t appriciate the employees. The best are not encouraged, knowledge and hard work is nothing worth if you are not the most socialized politician. God knows I am not a socialized politician. I have not got the correct behavior since I am not found of sozialising the shallow way and I am not scared of bosses even though I know they have the power to fire someone. I don’t care. I however respect a good mans actions. I respect the ones that give respect. I try not to judge a book by its cover, but to often people show me their evil ways. I think that Stockholmers are especially difficult breed of humans. I don’t like the majority, they are far to evil far to often. I am sorry to say that I don’t like the jobmarket and I think its better for me to keep away from it. I don’t say much to an employer. I just do the work, but if they step out of boundaries, I will find a solution. Perhaps look for a new job. Easier to change.