Sten Nordin – just one of many Moderats with politics in action that don’t consider democracy

In todays newspaper we can read two articles that lift up questions to the decisions the Moderat party member Sten Nordin is exercising. One open letter is from Benny Andersson. He his asking questions about the new build Slussen, a sort of gateway for public transfer, in Stockholm. He his asking relevant democratic questions and he is wondering why they have not been considered or replayed to by the Moderat’s and their Alliance. The other article is about the Attendo and Carema Care companies that are the largest owners of Swedish health care companies. Quote from 20111121:

“Nästan en tredjedel av Stockholms äldreomsorg drivs av Attendo och Carema. Av 6.027 tillgängliga platser på vård- och omsorgsboenden finns 1.812 hos riskkapitalbolagen. ”Det är olyckligt att de har en så väldig dominans”, säger finansborgarrådet Sten Nordin (M).”

This says that 1812 places of 6027 health care places are at the risk adventure capitalist companies. That means that profit is the main goal. Profit with Swedish tax money. Incredible. I think it’s terrible. But the Alliance have always been the rich man´s most popular parties. Sten is one of the many Moderat’s between these politics, but he just replays that it is unfortunate that venture capitalists own so many health care companies… Well, so why did the Alliance let them? Who´s interest are the Alliance really looking out for? Just look at the party members and you will understand.

These two articles are far away from the injustice politics that take from the poor and give to the rich that the Moderat Alliance moves forward in Swedish politics. They do not consider the welfare of the complete population in many of their decisions nowadays nor in the past. The Moderat decisions help out the common man very little, but somehow many Swedes have not spoke up and rebelled against the Moderat’s. Somehow the Moderat’s make the voters believe in them, how could they otherwise win 2 elections?

I however have noticed that this has been the same all over the Moderat Alliance politics during the years they been ruling Sweden. Not until the population screams on all football fields they try to make a masked change. However more to often the masked changes are no real changes at all, let me give you an example. One of the things that the Moderat Alliance changed in Sweden was the health care insurance. They decided during their first mandate that people only are sick for 2,5 years (you can look it up at Försäkringskassans homepage, I am not giving a reference), so the sick after 2,5 years where going to be unemployed. The sick from the day when 2,5 years have passed have to register at Arbetsförmedlingen for unemployment insurance. There they would go into to an investigation phase, where they have to make a job evaluation. However some that where too sick to make it couldn´t get the insurance benefits and sick leave due to the 2,5 year limit, so they ended up with no money. If they where home owners, like many are in Stockholm area, they cannot get welfare assistance. So in Sweden we put the really sick out on the street before we give them money. In Sweden it´s very difficult to get an apartment if you are living on welfare assistance. Apartments in big towns like Stockholm are also hard to find in a short time. Some of these people have families with children. Some are single parents. The Moderat Alliance are ruining children’s lives as well as adults. How do you think all this affects a person that on top of all is sick? The Swedish health care politics are currently not considering these families and their future.

So, as you understand so far, the Moderat Alliance is behind all these decisions. Well this 2,5 year limit got a lot of negative publications in media, so the Alliance were forced to do something. So they have made a rule that the really sick can get more health insurance days after evaluation, but in reality many still end up with no insurance. Today 52 000 (41300 during 2010) people have passed the 2,5 year limit in the health insurance (source: Försäkringskassan). Today 237 307 people live on welfare assistance according from statistics 2009 (did not find statistics for 2010) (source: Many of the households on welfare assistance have children. To get welfare assistance in Sweden you may not own any assets, no apartment or house or car. You have to be totally broke in order to get any money from there. If you have assets and they show up in taxes you will have to live on that money according to the norm until they are gone before the state helps you.

So how many households fall out of statistics and hide within these numbers? Probably they are a lot. Some might have fallen out many years ago and are not in these numbers anymore. Some are outside these numbers, they are supported by friends, families and such. Others we don´t know…

So still think we are nice country? Well for some, but for those that need the most we have politics that currently don’t help them. The system works against some individuals more than others. Wouldn’t it be much nicer to know that no-one could fall out of the system and be worked against? Utopia today, reality if the Alliance change their politics to a human way. But for this we need to excercise democracy – we need to talk, write and say our opinion. We are many workers, many unemployed, many retired, many people against the politics driven. Imagine if everyone spoke up? I don´t believe the Alliance could continue this type of politics if you all spoke up.

Statistics from Försäkringskassan:

Print Screen from Försäkringskassan 20111121
Print Screen from Försäkringskassan 20111121

Ej återvänt till sjukförsäkringen are the ones that have not returned to the health care insurance. Återvänt till sjukförsäkringen are the ones that have been able to return to health care insurance. So what has happened to the one that did not return? You can look at the links below to find out more statistics. Calling the Försäkringskassan resulting in seven calls before I got hold on the correct statistics. I (as I often do) told the statistics analyst that I think that everyone at Försäkringskassan should be able to show where the statistics are found on the homepage.

Social Welfare 2009 Sweden
Households with welfare assistance in Sweden 2009, print screen from November 2011

So I am wondering: Maybe majority of Swedes like this type of greedy politics?  Stealing money from the common man and giving to the rich man pocket… maybe this is the new world order? Greed rules. Do you want to live in this type of world? I don’t. I want to change it. Change it with me, please. Join the fight for the common man, just like the culture elite (source:, se links below).

20111122 Update to this article above: The project manager has now replayed with answers to Bennys questions, but my conversation in other parts is still valid. The project manager for Slussen project has replayed all Bennys questions in this article: In that article he explains many things why they have chosen to make some decisions.

Sources 2011 November:

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  1. I believe privatisation will continue, however, privatisation of essential care services such as hospitals and elderly care probably shouldn’t be left to private equity funds, instead long term ownership such as families or foundations are better.

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