To not think – to act on autopilot

Sometimes we act without thinking. How many times have you acted without thinking? Sometimes it’s like we are on autopilot. We can be on autopilot in example when we are tired, stressed or somehow not capable as usual. How often has this happened to you?

It can be a warning sign if you start acting to often on autopilot. Maybe you are in need of making changes? Well, let’s move on to the next step. There are a lot of things we do automatically. Sometimes when I use autopilot a lot is during art creativity. Not until after I can realize what I have created. Sometimes it gives me an aha-experience afterwards, sometimes bad and sometimes good.

I just realized that my previous blog design was such a aha-experience. My world has been pretty strange since the summer. The world turned really wiered and this winter has felt more normal than the summer, even though it’s been different from other winters.

I have studied a lot of art lately. I have realized that we have much symbols around us in everyday life. Or really, I have known for many years, but I havent been seeing. But at the same time I have seen the symbols, but I have not reacted. This summer I have opened my eyes and started to look more often. I usually look, but not all the time. I have realized pretty scary stuff in matter of fact. I have seen a lot of symbols, signs, art and read the Bible. I have made a lot of interpretations. I got pretty suprised of some of my findings actually. I have looked at YouTube-videos and looked at prophecies that people seem to believe in.

When looking at the symbols, signs and so on I started to analyse my own design of my previous blog and realized that I have done automagic design of my blog. I didn’t mean to put in symbols, but somehow I had created a whole story with my design according to symbolism. This was not my attention and maybe that is why I was cyberattacked during this summer. Some might have believed I was part of some kind of conspiracy. Well I am not, I am just a art student. I am pretty pissed off, since I don’t want to be involved in any bad things. I just want to use freedom of speech and talk about what ever on my blog. That’s it.

So sometimes coincidences can make one weave in symbolism. For me it was due to preart available in computer programs. It was not my intention to use them. It just happened. So to those that did what you did – leave now please.

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