Peacemaking through forum theatre – the tools for anyone to be a diplomat

Forum theatre is a way of creating change. Stockholm University gives courses in this subject at the teachers institutions UTEP. In Sweden there are organisations that can teach the forum theatre method to work places, schools, organisations and such. One organisation is FTS.

Forum theatre is one way of showing scenarios from real life. There is usually a leader of a scenario. The leader always explains how forum theatre works when doing it for a group. The actors act a scenario. The scenario can be a difficult situation, i.e. like a disagreement at a work place. The scenario is played by any number of actors. After the scenario has been played once it is started to replay and during the replay the audience is allowed to go up to the scene and replace any actor and due to that the scenario changes. The theatre is acted in real-time and no-one knows the outcome. It’s a type of role-playing. During these replays the audience can test possible scenarios to change the disagreement scenario.

Forum theatre is one way of finding possible solutions to difficult situations for a group of people. It can be hard to play parts that are too close to the heart and therefore anyone can choose any part do to ones experiences. Forum theatre gives tools for peacemaking, for conflict solutions and cannot be banned even in dictator ruled countries. Governments have been beaten down this way I learned from a Forum teacher.

So don’t underestimate dialogue with the help of some friends and Forum theatre. Forum theatre is something that you need education within before trying it out. You can start powerful processes entering the Forum theatre area. Forum theatre was invented by Augusto Boal.

In Sweden all schools are offered Forum theatre education, but not all schools have accepted. I think this is strange, since it´s a way to make the children more cooperative and solution oriented. Children that learn this method get better social skills they say. So why are not all children given the diplomatic tools to change the world to a better place? Who is hindering the development of harmonic children? The children are our future they say. So why not give them the peacemaking tools, after all they are available and accessable for everyone.

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