It’s not a coincidence that a Moderat party member is in the board of Carema Greed, ops sorry Carema Care

It is not a coincidence that a Moderat party member named Kristina Axén (source:, se below) is a board member in the health care company Carema Care. Carema Care has lately been in the media due to putting tax payers money in their own pockets and decreasing the service to the elders, that is their mission. Part of the Swedish media and population have reacted on the greedy private businesses in the health care industry that uses tax payers money to increase their own assets.

I have for a long time been blogging about the truth of the Swedish Alliance. They are not the common man’s democratic choice, but still they managed to deceive the population with skilled marketing publicist. They learned how to say the old goals for riches so that they attracted a naive working class in Sweden. Therefor the Alliance managed to take the power in the Swedish government. However the politics for the Alliance is as usual, it benefits the rich and the upper middle class and above.

It’s so sad that there are now schools in private shareholders hands where assets to the stock owners is more in focus than giving a quality education to the Swedish population. The original idea was to increase quality, but the thought it self is wrong. Private companies always want to increase their assets and give money to their owners. This is the difference between public services and private services. A profit in the public services can be reinvested in the public school, health are and so on. The profit in a private company is usually distributed partly to the stock holders. This is wrong, since the money in question is tax money.

Tax money in Sweden is not supposed to go to private pockets. I am definitely not paying tax to make the richer even richer. But this is the politics that the Moderat’s and their alliance has driven in Sweden for two mandate periods now. Now the Swedish population are starting to understand what type of politics really is being created. I believe that Kristina Axén is not the only politician sitting in the boards of health care companies in the private sector, financed by tax money. She is just one Alliance party member of many. There are many rich sympathizers behind the Alliance. Just go through the last names of the party members and you see that they come from “better families”. I wonder if they consider themselves the elite?

In my eyes it’s greedy for a private company to make advanced tax planning and smuggling out Swedish tax money from the companies. A good christian does not want to steal from the poor and give to the rich. This is exactly what the alliance is doing by allowing tax money to go to treasure islands abroad and finally end up in a rich man’s pocket.

So is greed the right way to rule? Interesting that the voting Swedish citizen does not see what the Moderat politics are all about…or maybe they are greedy too?

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