Having an opinion against someone you know

I know it’s difficult when a cognitus says a opinion that goes against everything you believe in. It’s hard to say your own opinion sometimes to the cognitus. Let me give you a scenario:

The cognitus says:
– “why does our town have to be the ones to accept the asylum-seeking children? Put them in another town!”

Imagine you don’t agree. How are you going to react? If you don’t say anything you are silently agreeing, even if you ain’t of the same opinion. I know it must be difficult to speak up, but if you don’t who else is the cognitus spreading the word too? Suddenly the rest of the world acts the same way and you are the only one left with another opinion. My suggestion is to speak up. If you don’t agree to the cognitus solution then a possible way to continue the scenario is by saying:

“-So who is going to care for the children? How can we expect others to take them in if we don’t? People do as we do. Let’s be the better ones and care for the children.”

If the cognitus would continue to complain, i.e.:

“-If we take them we will get more and there will be problems.”

“-Well let’s accept them with open arms, show them our norms, letting our children make friends with them. Let’s get to know them ourselves, so that we are the role models and they go on being role models as well.”

I think a dialogue is very more giving in a situation when a person does not agree. With a dialogue you can change. If you stop by mumbling like “mmm” and don’t speak up the world will change to whatever and you cannot expect anyone to fight for a world that you want if you don’t speak up for what you believe in. I know it can be hard, but EVERYONE can do it. I BELIEVE in you and the amazing power within you. If I can, you can. Be true to your heart. Be true to your self. Dream it, believe it & do it.

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  1. It is not really the opinion that counts, it is the justification of that opinion, and that is when a lot of ‘we don’t want them here’ opinions fall flat on their faces!

    ~The Dippylomat esq.

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