Computer gaming – as dangerous as drugs

Researcher Simone Kühn says, according to DN, that the grey brain mass increases in people who play computer games. The gamers have the same type of changes in the brain as the drug addicts. I would not consider that a good thing. Addictions are never good, it means that they are dependent on gaming and when taking it away they might act thereafter, just like any addict trying to get their drug.

So how should parents act? Forbid gaming? I think it might be hard. Decrease gaming time? Possibly, if possible. But how does decrease guarantee that the brain is not changed? Where is the limit for gaming activities.
I would like to see same type of brain scans on athletes, maybe they have changes or maybe they have not? Can it be brain activity without physical activation that gives it? I would really want to see cross references to other researches. I want to know what´s so special about computer gaming and the grey brain mass. The topic really needs a further investigation.

I think it’s very interesting. I would also like to see how much computer gaming is needed for brain to change. I would also like to know if physical activity during gaming can decrease changes in the brain? I would also like to know if you start gaming in adult life if you get the same changes as when you start during your childhood. Well, my questions are many and I think I need more information to really understand. I don’t think, based on the article in DN, that I can really understand if only computer gaming does this. Can it be computers that do it to our brain? Can it be electricity from the computer that alters the brain? Gamers usually have an electromagnetic field around the computer and the temperature increases around the PC. Also computer gamers usually have a big screen and sit close to the screen during gaming. Can TV-addiction give the same effect – or is the effect due to gaming activity and brain activity in front of the devices? As you understand the questions that rise are many, and these are just some of all my questions regarding the research.

So my suggestion is – investigate more! We need to protect ourselves from brain damages. We need to know if IT is dangerous. What are the effects of addictions without substances from drugs? Are they different?

Source DN 20111120:

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