Child abuse and powerty hand in hand – from a Swedish household point of view

According to Rädda barnens homepage a child that grows up in poor households has an increased risk of violence / child abuse with 50% (see source below). This should be enough research information for any government trying to stop poverty. A child that is beaten has an increased risk for PTSD. PTSD can cause bigger blood vessels in the right part of the brain scientists at Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden have discovered already in the beginning of 2000.

PTSD, from beatings can result in lower IQ and many other things, you may read about them in Karolinska´s publications on the links below. However the effects are bad.

Also children that cannot take part of field trips due to that their parents cannot afford the meal for that day is a problem for low-income families. There are children that cannot take part in after school activities due to that they cost money. There are children that simply have to stay home during vacation and such. Some children go hungry to bed.

Children from low-income families maybe cannot dress the part in some schools. It would be better with school uniforms paid by the state, then no children would feel pressure to dress the part. Today’s fashion makes children aware of how they look and so. For those that are aware and are poor it is troubling, even though it’s just material matters, but they affect the mentality. To avoid this school uniforms are one way to prevent this.

Also some families are still being evicted from their homes even though the goal is that no children in Sweden should be evicted from their homes. But still families are evicted, so far 358 families have been evicted during 2011 (see source below). They do get a new home, but would it not have been better if the family had been able to stay in the first household until a new permanent solution could be given? Well there are many things to wish for. If we in Sweden start to work against poverty by doing as Sigtuna Kommun and employing the persons on welfare assistance for a year and giving them a possibility for new references, work experience and a meaningful working day.

Some things that the government could do are making increasing the unemployment money to low-income families. Increase welfare assistance amounts for families with children. Have zero tolerance for evictions of families with children and exercise this too. Make all school trips with food from the school. Schools could offer after school activities that are free. Give school uniforms to all School children between 5-15 years of age. These are just some things that could prevent child poverty. Make museums and public baths free for families with school children and make public transfer for free, so that poor families also may experience field trips during the holidays.

There are a lot of nice things that could be happening, but is not, not with the current government, but I am hoping they change. They must change, because I don’t like where Sweden is going toward right now. Our country is getting more and more unequal for the poor and the rich.